• "High Street has had a relationship with RM Boston for nearly 15 years. Overall, RM Boston is our go-to for critical management decisions support. We used their 3D assessment process during due diligence to accelerate our understanding of the management team in the company with whom we are considering partnering. We discuss the results of the assessments with Gaby and we find that what we learn to be very helpful. We also have a policy of using the 3D process as part of the selection process for management and other key positions in our portfolio companies, as the process takes into account the critical characteristics needed for success in the specific role being filled, and fit with the organization. Several of our portfolio companies have engaged RM Boston to provide Human Capital analysis in support of strategic planning. In one situation, Merrill took a more “hands on” role, acting as the senior HR person in a portfolio company as part of an operational turnaround taking place. We rely on their expertise and counsel and consider RM Boston to be a trusted advisor."

    - Dick McClain, Operating Partner, High Street Capital

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