Resource Management of Boston can provide clarity on the challenges facing your business today while also predicting specific issues you’ll encounter as you grow. With this knowledge, we can help you build a more cohesive team with better alignment so that you can focus on the issues impeding your company’s growth. We can help give your company headlights into the future and help improve performance, productivity and profitability.

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    Mergers & Acquisition Integration

    According to the Harvard Business Review, over 70 percent of all M&As fail to achieve their anticipated strategic and financial objectives. Failure is often attributed to various factors including management styles, poor communication, loss of key talent, incompatible cultures, lack of trust and uncertainty of long-term goals. Resource Management of Boston can help you address the "people issues" created by a proposed merger or acquisition.


    Using a combination of techniques and tools, Resource Management of Boston will assess your structure and talent and will provide objective recommendations that you can use to build and retain a high-performing team while achieving the desired M&A objectives. We will:

    • Review existing org charts and job descriptions
    • Conduct one-on-one interviews with team members
    • Examine overlaps that exist in roles and responsibilities
    • Identify functional redundancies
    • Identify functional gaps
    • Assess the skills, capabilities, potential and motivations of the key employees involved in the merger or acquisition.   
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    Succession Planning

    Do you have the next generation of talent ready to fill roles at all levels of your organization? Have you created development plans for people to move up or across the organization? Is your company prepared for the upcoming labor shortages as experienced baby boomers begin to retire? Are you ready to adapt to the changing needs of millennials who won’t stay in jobs for 10+ years like earlier generations and who thrive on career mobility?


    Resource Management of Boston can help you create a succession plan to build your company’s bench strength. We can:

    • Identify critical positions and skills based on your organization’s strategic objectives
    • Assess your talent pipeline and identity high-value talent
    • Assess leadership competencies
    • Identify gaps in talent and/or skill that may require outside recruitment
    • Develop programs (and culture) to support knowledge transfer and employee development
    • Provide leadership training and coaching to develop future leaders
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    Leadership Assessment for Private Equity Due Diligence

    Private equity firms typically excel at identifying critical strategic levers that drive improved performance. They have excellent resources to establish financial controls and have a relentless focus on enhancing the performance basics: revenue, operating margins, and cash flow. However, they often lack the resources and place less emphasis on the analysis of the leadership team charged with executing the plan. Portfolio companies frequently lack the depth of talent required to succeed.


    Resource Management of Boston can assess your portfolio companies' leadership teams and develop talent strategies to ensure you have the right people in the right roles and have the necessary bench strength required to successfully achieve rapid growth.

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    Growth X-Ray TM

    Resource Management of Boston uses tools inspired by James Fischer’s research to help your company successfully navigate through common business challenges associated with growth. Our Growth X-RayTM process will clarify the issues holding you back and can help generate a plan to overcome these obstacles. Using proven diagnostic algorithms, Resource Management of Boston can perform an organizational Growth X-RayTM to help you:

    • Predict how growth will impact your organization
    • Focus on the right things at the right time
    • Adapt your leadership skills as your company grows

    James Fischer’s research identified 7 Stages of Growth that entrepreneurial companies move through. He determined complexity increases as a company grows and that complexity is created by adding people. The 7 Stages of Growth provides leaders with the insight to focus on the right things at the right time, predicting how growth will impact their companies and helping their management team adapt with this growth.

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    The first part of the Growth X-Ray TM identifies your company’s challenges within your current stage of growth using diagnostic algorithms.



    The second part of the Growth X-Ray TM focuses on team alignment. Your company’s specific top 5 issues are identified through consensus and team accountability is established.