Today more than ever, employees demand to be engaged—to have a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their roles that makes them feel a part of a thriving culture and company - and they’ll go somewhere else if they don’t have it. Fortunately, engaged employees are more productive and improve an organization’s ability to achieve business goals. Resource Management of Boston helps you address the 3 critical components of Engagement - ​​Attract. Retain. Inspire.​

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    Organizational Snapshot

    Many business leaders are confounded by culture. They underestimate its power and either let it go unmanaged or relegate it to the HR function where it is often neglected. Understanding and managing your corporate culture can not only help achieve corporate goals but will also attract high-performing talent who will thrive within your organization.


    We will assess your company's internal and external messaging as well as your online and social media presence to give your organization the makeover you need to compete in today’s market.

    • Review of website and all social media from a prospective candidate point of view
    • Review your company's 3 W's - WHO, WHAT, WHY - to ensure they reflect the true heart of your organization and are appealing to outside candidates.
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    Leadership EQ Workshops

    The number one reason employees leave a company is the relationship with their manager. The fact is, many supervisors and managers are unaware of how their actions and decisions affect employee turnover. A critical aspect of an effective retention strategy is manager training.


    We use our 3D assessments as the foundation for teaching Executives, Managers, and Supervisors about EQ (emotional intelligence) and how to improve team dynamics and improve their leadership skills, resulting in improved productivity and profitability.

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    Career Development & Planning

    Another reason top performers leave is because they feel that their career advancement isn't going as planned. That's why it’s more important than ever for managers to understand the individual interests and aspirations of their employees and implement programs to allow career movement, at all levels, to enhance employee development, bolster succession efforts, and meet business needs.


    Resource Management of Boston can help create a focus on career development in your organization. We can provide tools to help your managers understand the skills, strengths and areas for development required by their teams in enhance career mobility. By fostering a culture of career development in your company and team, you will have more engaged employees that want to work for and with your company for the long term.

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    Organizational Assessments

    Exit interviews often reveal that employees leave organizations because of their work - they leave when their job isn’t enjoyable, their strengths aren’t being utilized, and/or they aren’t growing in their careers.


    Resource Management of Boston can assess your companies’ leadership team and organizational needs to determine appropriate structure and staffing for maximizing management and employee effectiveness. We can also identify organizational needs related to culture, engagement and productivity and team competencies.

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    Executive Coaching

    Top athletes use coaches to help them set goals, establish accountability, provide critical feedback, assess wins and failures, promote learning and improve overall performance. Executive coaching is exactly the same thing.


    Resource Management of Boston can provide one-on-one coaching and customized leadership development for entrepreneurs, executives, managers and leaders in a new role or seeking to move to a new role, as well as anyone seeking personal development and improvement. Coaching relationships require a minimum 3-month commitment to weekly calls/meetings. At the end of 3 months, progress is evaluated and next steps are developed.

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    360 Reviews

    360 degree feedback surveys benefit leadership, teams, and the entire organization immediately. By providing a safe, confidential, and reliable way for colleagues to provide feedback, a company gains valuable insight into current leadership, teams, and overall health of the organization. When using this feedback data correctly, companies can help employees improve and become better leaders and contributors in the organization.


    Resource Management of Boston's proprietary 360 tools consist of a library of over 2,500 leadership competencies that can be analyzed for each executive participant. Personal effectiveness within each key position is crucial to the ongoing success of the organization. 360 surveys allow respondents to provide valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of another individual’s performance. The results of 360 surveys are then used to enhance and develop the individual.

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    Employee Engagement Surveys

    Successful organizations see the importance of addressing the needs of employees. To do this, an organization must regularly assess its services, policies and practices to ensure they are providing the leadership, work environment, management practices and incentives top notch employees require. Resource Management of Boston can help you develop an organizational and employee engagement survey program, customized to gather the right information, a vital diagnostic tool to determine how the organization can improve or modify their culture to achieve employee satisfaction.