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    “Understanding yourself is critical…You need to know how you come across to know how you should adapt…Communicate in the style of the customer, your co-worker or your boss, connect with his/her intrinsic motivation, and you form a great relationship.” –Dr. Chick Marshall


    We have grown our business one relationship at a time, collaborating with organizations like yours to achieve and sustain top performance and excellence. Our distinct and effective approach utilizes creative thinking and design, coupled with powerful methods and technologies.


    “Innovative Solutions for Today’s People Challenges” is much more than our tagline. These words exemplify our commitment to providing inherent value through services, products and programs that meet our clients’ specific business needs and goals.


    Hire Talent and Keep It

    Solution: Talent + Data = Increased Productivity and Retention

    Hiring the right person is one of the most important and lasting business decisions you will make. Hiring and onboarding go hand in hand are part of a substantial investment that you make in your employees. You strive for above average returns with minimal risk. Guess what. The odd are against you. According to a Harvard Business review study, executives making staffing decisions average a 33% chance of hiring the right person the first time.



    Solution: Our experience becomes your competitive advantage. We utilize our Talent Management Equation to evaluate your needs and make the right people choices:


    Talent Management Equation


    Job – Create job models to identify the key behaviors, motivations and competencies required for superior performance.

    Candidate – Understand Strengths and Weaknesses and build a strategy to maximize performance.

    Team – Evaluate the depth of your team.  Create roles and identify candidates that will boost creativity and productivity.

    Manager – Understand the leadership style of the your hiring managers, utilize assessment results to identify candidates who will support their strengths and weaknesses; build a plan for onboarding that is efficient and effective.


    Managing the Growth Curve

    Solution – Create an awareness in your company of the top five issues to focus on. Help your management team understand why certain things are happening right now. Give your company headlights into the future and help improve performance, productivity and profitability.

    RMB employs a model developed by James Fischer’s over a 6-year period, meeting with over 650 successful CEOs. Fischer’s 7 Stages of Growth study recognized that companies grow in complexity and that the complexity level is created by people, not profits or revenue. As part of his research, he identified 7 predictable stages that companies will experience as they grow.


    Using proven diagnostics algorithms, RMB can perform an Organizational Growth X-RayTM to help you:


     Predict how growth will impact your organization;

     Focus on the right things at the right time and

     Adapt your leadership skills as your company grows


    RMB can provide clarity on the challenges facing your business today while also predicting specific issues you’ll encounter as your grow. With this knowledge, we can help you build a more cohesive team with better alignment so that you can focus the issues impeding your company’s growth.


    Stages of Growth Fundamentals


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    Stages of Growth eBrochure


    Boost Productivity

    Solution: Unlock the latent potential of your team

    All people have their own unique personality. What works well for one of your employees may not work well for another. Confrontation and communication problems among your sales, marketing and service staff can produce disastrous results for your bottom line. Communication problems are an obstacle for companies over 70 % of the time. How can you avoid or minimize communications issues within your organization?


    Solution: Unlock and energize a winning team. Resource Management can help you all get along, transform your success with those you find most challenging and open doors to improved client relationships. Through the experience of our custom workshop series:

    • You’ll learn some of the common communication styles that make us all unique
    • We’ll profile your own personality and identify the gaps holding you back from success.
    • We’ll devise a plan that will teach you how to adapt to other personalities.

    These techniques will allow your executive team, sales force, service or operational departments to achieve optimum communication and relationships with both internal and external customers.

    Cultivate Leadership

    Solution: Challenge and Inspire Others

    True leadership is a pre-requisite to strategic strength. With businesses becoming more and more competitive each day, developing leaders within key positions in your organization becomes even more important to the success of your company.


    Resource Management of Boston develops winning strategies by first analyzing where you stand on the “26 dimensions of Leadership”. Our leading edge system includes:

    • Intense multi point analysis of Behavior, Motivation and Thought, unique strengths and potential derailers.
    • Full Circle feedback
    • Storyboarding
    • Job Modeling
    • Simulation exercises and workshops
    • One on one coaching

    This intense process identifies your organizations true leaders and supplies you with the tools required to develop them so they may in turn motivate others.

    EQ Wins Everytime

    Solution – EQ – everyone’s talking about it. WE CAN MEASURE IT AND TEACH YOU HOW TO LEVERAGE IT.

    Daniel Goleman’s Book “Emotional Intelligence – why it can matter more than IQ” was published in 1995. It introduced the concept of the importance of how understanding yourself and others you can increase your effectiveness. As a society, we like to look for the next “new” thing in leadership. Although the concept has been around for 25 years, it is one of the most critical strategic advantages given to every organization; very few have learned to unleash the power of EQ as a competitive advantage.



    The most explosive growth seen our clients experience is through completion of our "EQ Wins Every Time Workshop" - Increasing sales effectiveness through understanding EQ.    This workshop utlizes "emotional intelligence" to help sales and marketing professionals both attract and retain clients through understanding their own and others EQ.  This program was the highest rated workshop for three years at the Security Industry Association's graduate program at the Wharton School of Business (4.51 out of a perfect score of 5) and it was the highest rated program offered by the Bank of America Marketing Department (4.69 out of a perfect score of 5).


    Other leading companies report similar results in sales:

    • Merrill Lynch - Self knowledge increased by 56% and sales prowess by 59%
    • A.G. Edwards - Self knowledge increased by 28% and sales prowess by 51%
    • Fifth Third Bank - Self knowledge increased by 35% and sales prowess by 40%

    "This presentation was the best use of my time outside of the office over the past year" -  A.G. Edwards Manager in Kansas


  • Services

    Assessment Services for Selection

    RMB’s proprietary assessment tools measure problem solving skills, motivation, cognitive balance and mastery of 25 critical leadership competencies. Along with the assessment results an analysis of the candidates fit to the role, culture of the organization and compatibility with current leadership team. Tools are web based, require approximately 45 minutes of the candidate’s time and are available in over 15 languages.


    We use our assessments as the foundation for teaching Executives, Management Teams and/or Sales people how to improve their productivity and profitability with peers, employees and clients.

    Assessment Services to Support Due Diligence

    RMB’s proprietary assessment tools can be used as part of a due diligence process to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership team allowing investors to identify where supplemental support will be required. In addition investors can better understand how to communicate/direct the team.

    Executive Coaching

    One on one coaching provides targeted/customized leadership development for executives in growth organizations. Coaching relationships require a minimum 3 month commitment to weekly calls. At the end of 3 months, progress is evaluated and next steps are developed.

    Organizational Development/Employee Engagement Surveys

    Successful organizations see the importance of addressing the needs of employees. To do this, an organization must regularly assess its services, policies and practices to ensure they are providing the leadership, work environment, management practices and incentives top notch employees require. Organizational and employee engagement surveys, customized to gather the right information, are a vital diagnostic tool to determine how the organization can improve or modify their culture to achieve employee satisfaction.

    360 Reviews

    RMB’s proprietary 360 tools consist of a library of over 2,500 leadership competencies that can be analyzed for each executive participant. Personal effectiveness within each key position is crucial to the ongoing success of the organization. 360 surveys allow respondents to provide valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of another individual’s performance. The results of 360 surveys are then used to enhance and develop the individual.

    Organizational Audits

    Our team can assess identified companies’ leadership and organizational needs and determine appropriate structure and staffing for maximizing management and employee effectiveness. We also evaluate current organizational effectiveness as well as identify management needs related to culture, engagement and productivity and competencies for executive roles.

  • Who We Are

    Resource Management of Boston was founded with one clear objective in mind: to build a unique consulting practice dedicated to tapping human potential.

    Dr. H. Joseph Marshall

    Managing Partner


    “The real power and energy driving an organization is created through relationships.  The patterns of relationships and the capacities to take them through the "storming stage" to the "high performance stage" are more important than tasks, functions, and roles.” -Chick Marshall, Ph.D.


    Dr. H. Joseph "Chick" Marshall, Managing Partner, is a respected and highly acclaimed leader in the field of human behavior. For over 35 years, he has helped develop top performing companies and individuals in the financial services industry, while consulting with a diverse range of winning clients in other areas of business: Bob Lutz (while Vice Chairman of Chrysler Corporation), GenCorp, Heinz Corporation, and the Superbowl champion Green Bay Packers. His research and consulting in performance, motivation and coaching, strategic problem-solving, and leadership have earned him an impressive portfolio of global clientele who count on his insight and experience to achieve tangible and measurable results.



    Named from more than 6,000 international consultants by TTI Performance Systems as one of the world’s top 25 consultants on behavior and values, he is a recognized authority in the application of behavioral profiling and self-assessment tools. He has been featured in On Wall Street, Financial Planning, and Banking/Investment/Marketing magazines for his use of creative technologies for seizing opportunities and meeting challenges in sales, marketing, customer service, and operations. In 2000, he became a guest lecturer for the annual Securities Industry Association (SIA) Institute at the Wharton School of Business, presenting his signature workshop designed to increase sales and market share through high-net-worth psychology.  Dr. Marshall graduated Cum Laude from Bowdoin College and recieved his PhD Cum Laude from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.


    Gabrielle Bridenbaugh Jenkins



     “Great organizations succeed from a number of a factors, one of the most challenging is a winning team.  The ability to select and develop a team that will thrive in your culture is critical to long term profitability and productivity”  - Gabrielle B. Jenkins, CPBA, CPVA, CPAA


    Gabrielle Jenkins, Managing Partner, is a business professional with 25 years of diverse experience in Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial environments in public and privately held organizations spanning the retail, supply chain, and financial services industries. 


    Prior to joining RM Boston, Gabrielle served as President of Bridenbaugh Partners Inc., a consulting firm that helps companies maximize their return on their biggest investment, their people, utilizing such tools as consulting, behavior and value assessments, job analysis training and development.


    For 9 years, Gabrielle served as member of the Senior Management team of a privately held wholesale distributor, subsequently acquired by Berkshire Hathaway.  During her tenure, the company’s revenue size grew from $90 million to $380 million with a growth in employment of 225 to over 600. Her expertise is in leadership growth and maximizing employee ROI. 


    Gabrielle spent the initial portion of her career as an HR Professional leading recruitment, compensation, training and organizational development programs for a number of growing firms.  She lead, developed and implemented programs focused on Talent Management, Sales force Effectiveness and Leadership Development which resulted in significant growth in sales, productivity and profitability.


    She is a graduate of Lehigh University and a Certified Professional Behavior, Values and Attributes Analyst.  She has lead lectures in a variety of public forums including the Association for Corporate Growth, Technology Capital Network at MIT, and the CEO Place. 


    Merrill Norton Mahoney


    Prior to joining RM Boston, Merrill was Vice President of Operations for Sager Electronics, accountable for operational performance and the management and alignment of the company’s state-of-the art distribution network. Delivering innovative business solutions and operational excellence, she has a successful track record of sustainable business results and leadership in the industry.  As part of the Executive Management Team at Sager, Merrill helped grow the 125 year old family owned company to world-class levels, both organically and through numerous acquisitions, ultimately positioning it for sale to TTI Inc., a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family.


    Merrill’s career spans over 25 years with Sager, holding leadership positions in nearly every core business discipline in the company such as sales, distribution, purchasing, marketing communications, human resources and training. Committed to driving continuous improvement, she led the design and implementation of an industry-leading Quality system that included an enterprise-training program and key performance metric system. She was a leading member on multiple corporate acquisitions and computer system upgrade teams, continuing to design and implement system enhancements to improve efficiency throughout her career at Sager.  Well-respected by her colleagues, Merrill was chosen as Chairperson for ECIA’s Supply Chain Council that drives best practices throughout the electronic components industry.


    Merrill holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. She is active in her community volunteering in support of youth sports programs and participating in local fundraising events. 

  • Who's Talking About Us

    Big Solutions. Great Results.

    "Thank you for your brilliant analysis. Your survey technology was incredible for identifying the opportunities and roadblocks for full utilization of the whole brain - left and right. The 'knowledge revolution' is really about the psychology and chemistry of people, and your corporate cultural study with performance models was excellent."  Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors and former President/Vice Chairman of Chrysler Corp.


    "Leadership has always been and will continue to be a strategic strength that every organization needs. With competition more intense every day, it is important that organizations look at the leadership they have in key positions because they can make or break an organization. Thanks to your superb programs over the past two years, we have increased sales by more than 100% in one of the worst two-year markets in history, and are well postioned to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow."  Kevin Wilkins, former President/EVP, State Street Research and Management


    "Congratulations for being rated top instructor in the SIA program at the Wharton School of Business. Relationship management is the key to future business. Your process technology reveals innovative ways for understanding and getting closer to an approach that our entire team can use for seizing opportunities and solving problems in human capital management."  Russ Labrasca, Trustee of Wharton School of Business/SIA Institute and Managing Director of Wells Fargo Bank


    "It's a different world today, with different players in a different game. And Coach Lombardi would be the first man to endorse something that works, as behavioral profiling and the performance model clearly do, taking the selection process far beyond the recruiter interview. And, it's quick, accurate, and easy to administer."  John Dorsey, Scouting Director, Green Bay Packers


    “A lot of the 130% increase in our stock price over the past year and a half is attributed directly to the profiling process, the job models, and the ability to get the right people in the right place at the right moment.”  Sam Harmon, Senior Vice President, GenCorp.



    Client List

      The following is a partial list of the clients we have served.

      • A.G. Edwards
      • Associaion of Tennis Professionals               
      • Autospace Corporation
      • Bank  of America          
      • Berger Instrument
      • Boston Housing Authority
      • Boston Financial Data Services
      • Cape Cod Bank &Trust
      • Chase Bank
      • Chrysler Corporation
      • Colonial Funds
      • Combined Insurance
      • Corporate Leadership Council
      • Council on Financial Competition
      • Dimock Community Health Center
      • Dreyfus Investments
      • Essex Corporation
      • Fidelity Investment
      • Fifth Third Bank
      • First Chicago/NBD
      • First National Bank of Commerce
      • Fortress-F.A.E. Worldwide
      • GenCorp
      • Gold K
      • Green Bay Packers
      • H.D. Vest
      • H.S.B.C Bank
      • Heinz Corporation
      • Insurance Advisory Board
      • Jack Cramer Associates
      • John Hancock
      • JP Morgan
      • Kemper Scudder
      • Kepner-Tregoe
      • Key Corp. Services
      • La Salle Bank
      • Liberty Financial
      • Liberty Insurance
      • M.B.T.A.
      • Mass Mutual Financial Group
      • McDonald Securities
      • Mellon Bank
      • Merrill Lynch
      • MetLife
      • MFS
      • Morgan Stanley
      • Narragansett Imaging
      • North Andover School System
      • New England Funds
      • New England Life
      • New Image Associate
      • New Orleans Bank
      • On Wall Street Magazine
      • Park Lodge Hotels
      • PNC Bank
      • Securities Industry Association
      • Shilanski Associates
      • Smith Barney
      • Spring Lake Trust
      • Sports Group
      • State Street Research and Management
      • Tidemark Corp.
      • Todd Investments
      • U.S. Olympic Team
      • Union/Bank of Tokyo
      • Wachovia Securities
      • Walter V. Clarke
      • Wells Fargo Bank
      • Wharton School of Business
      • Woodmen of the World
      • Wynn and Wynn Law Firm

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